Maru Group (Maru), a global technology-enabled market research and customer insights company, has announced the launch of its Direct Access Portal, Maru/HUB, offering researchers and marketers a one-stop shop for all their market research needs.

Built on Maru’s proprietary technology platform, the portal enables new and existing clients to create, view and analyze research projects on demand. Maru clients can also access current projects managed by Maru divisions (Maru/Blue and Maru/Matchbox), and import data from other sources to provide one, holistic view of performance. This portal for self-serve work combines with the company's advisory offer to give clients direct access to all their customer insights and means they can choose projects to suit their needs from a fully flexible service model.

The Direct Access Portal offers users the ability to create a range of different self-serve projects:

  • Pre-packaged Solutions, expertly designed to help you spark better connections with your customers. These include: Concept Screening, Content Screening (Print, Video, Digital, TV), CX Relationship Pulse.
  • Capabilities that enable you to analyze data and make the most of feedback and results with powerful tools and technologies. These include: Text Analytics, Data Visualization, Analysis and Reporting and Authoring. 
  • Types of Research providing access to instant results with proven research methodologies. These include: Agile Polls and Surveys and our newly launched Influencer Social Listening tool.

“Technology has transformed the way brands connect with their customers, and clients want a more flexible, technology-led approach to insights that goes beyond limited capabilities such as a survey engine attached to a panel,” said Ged Parton, CEO of Maru Group. “For the first time, clients can have greater visibility and flexibility of their research data and create their own self-serve research projects, all from one single cloud-based portal. It is an important milestone in Maru’s strategy to drive innovation and efficiency in the insights industry with the first fully-flexible insights model,” Parton added.

To learn more about Maru/HUB and register for an account visit