Lucid, a leading global programmatic platform for buying and selling sample, has announced a partnership with Welcome Research, a U.S.-based survey panel specialized in reaching unacculturated Hispanic audiences.

By partnering with Welcome Research, Lucid is now the only sample marketplace to connect researchers with over a million Spanish-dominant Hispanic respondents in the U.S.

Traditionally, for researchers located outside Central America and Mexico, Spanish-speaking respondents have been difficult to reach. With the addition of Welcome Research to Lucid’s sample marketplace, researchers across the globe will be able to reach a more diverse pool of respondents.

Welcome Research, a subsidiary of URWelcome Technologies, uses unique technology and recruitment methods to power mobile-first community platforms that provide more efficient targeting and industry-best response rates. Welcome Research’s community platform for the U.S. Spanish-speaking community is known as “SABEResPODER” (translation: “knowledge is power”) and has amassed over 1M users, adding 10,000 to 20,000 new eligible panelists every month.

Welcome Research’s respondents are available now on the Lucid Marketplace.