Leger has announced the appointment of Steve Perrone as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Steve will oversee the technological development of Leger's three digital divisions: Leger Opinion, Leger Metrics and Leger Community.

Steve has more than 33 years of experience in information technology, including 25 years in management positions for several companies. He has held an executive position with CAE, a multinational corporation, and has worked with clients in countries such as the United States, England, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. More recently, he was IT Director for Trader Classified Media and VP of Agility Metrics, a Montreal-based VOC start-up.

“Steve has strengths in product development, project management, and process improvement. He is exceptional at helping Leger's major clients optimize and integrate new customer experience technologies. He is at the heart of Leger's digital shift,” emphasized Jean-Marc Léger, President of Leger. 

Steve will ensure the technological optimization of Leger Opinion, Canada's largest representative and high-quality web panel, with more than 400,000 panelists; Léger Metrics, one of North America's leading providers of CEM (Customer Experience Management) and VoC (Voice of the Customer) solutions; and finally, Leger Community, a new online community management platform that enables ongoing discussions with consumers.