L&E Research is pleased to announce the launch of its updated HD Video Streaming solution, Virtual Facility™, designed to solve the problems faced by online researchers using traditional web conferencing tools. Virtual Facility allows researchers to observe focus groups from anywhere, anytime, with all the functionality of in-person research. L&E Research has also announced that its Virtual Facility service, when coupled with Zoom usage, will be free to customers through the end of the year, to introduce clients to their newest solution.

“This is a game changer for online research,” said Brett Watkins, CEO & Founder of L&E Research. “It offers all the features market researchers need to effectively conduct research remotely--you can log in to observe, chat, record clips and highlights, while also utilizing Zoom technology that is so easy for participants to use. It’s easy to use for both researchers and participants.”

Virtual Facility is integrated with the L&E Client Portal, making it simple to access and navigate. Unlimited remote viewers can stream sessions live from anywhere with an internet connection. The integrated chat functionality allows researchers to communicate with team members in real-time. The robust video editing tools are fine-tuned for market research, with video markers and highlighting features, allowing users to easily pinpoint significant moments in research. The solution is highly secure, AWS-based and reliable, with a dedicated support team. A secure login provides 24/7 access to live and recorded video via L&E’s web-based client portal.  And, with Zoom integration, clients can now even conduct qualitative online research in an experience more familiar to researchers.

“Before Virtual Facility, online researchers were limited by traditional web conferencing platforms because they simply didn’t have the necessary features,” Watkins continued, “We’ve integrated the functionality of in-person research into Zoom and other video conferencing to make online research easier, more effective and more secure.”