California, according to internationally-recognized demographer Joel Kotkin, is "becoming increasingly feudal, defined by a super-affluent coastal class and an increasingly impoverished interior." That is Kotkin's reaction to the Golden State's growing drought, which, "like the threat of earthquakes, is part of the price we pay to live in this most beautiful and usually temperate of states."

Kotkin sketched out the historical, geographic and demographic information needed for a better understanding of what is happening in California in the Daily Beast recently. "California’s water system has become the prisoner of politics and posturing," which provides a key explanation for the drought. Kotkin's conclusions are whithering: "As water prices rise, and farms and lawns are abandoned, there’s little thought about how to create a better future for the bulk of Californians."

The massive changes in the dynamics of population and class in the last decade in California, across the United States, and around the globe, pose interesting challenges to survey, opinion and marketing research. That is why we've bringing Joel Kotkin, an authority on global, economic, political and social trends, to keynote MRA's Insights & Strategies Conference in San Diego, June 3-5.

At the Insights & Strategies Conference, Kotkin will address key demographic shifts that are changing the marketing research industry. Additionally, he will share his vision on how the nation’s population and various merging social communities will evolve over the next four decades.