Dynata’s acquisition of Reimagine Holdings in early 2019 introduced new products, capabilities, and talent to the already broad Dynata service offering. In addition, the company gained experienced leadership from its founders, Hugh Davis and Keith Price, who agreed to join the Dynata executive team to assure the successful integration of their company and its assets. With the conclusion of that integration in 2019, and the subsequent establishment of a growth strategy to realize the company’s goal of delivering a full-service platform across the insights and marketing continuum, Hugh and Keith have decided to step back from day-to-day involvement at Dynata.

“The acquisition of Reimagine Holdings created an industry-leading portfolio of products and services that, combined with our rich first-party data asset and our depth of experience and expertise, makes Dynata the ideal partner for our clients seeking the ability to enable data-driven decision-making at the speed and scale of their business,” said Gary S. Laben, CEO, Dynata. “On behalf of the entire Dynata team, I want to thank Hugh and Keith for their vision, leadership, collaboration and advice over the last two years. Their contributions have been invaluable and immeasurable.  Hugh and Keith will remain significant Dynata shareholders and we look forward to tapping them for continued advice and collaboration as we continue to grow the business.”

Said Hugh Davis, “Over the last two years, we’ve been focused on realizing the goal of transforming data into action, and unlocking better decision-making for our clients. Executing that vision has been an exciting opportunity, reinforcing our belief that Dynata was the perfect partner to advance the long-term growth of our Reimagine’s technology and services. I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to work together with the Dynata leadership team over the last two years, and am confident that the company will continue to deliver leading solutions that will power growth and success.”

“Dynata has a strong commitment to providing the highest quality data and experience for our customers, and one that has only deepened over the last two years as we completed the process of integrating the organizations and advancing our strategy. I have the highest levels of confidence in Dynata’s ability to address effectively the needs of our clients, positioning them – and the company – for continued growth," commented Keith Price.