The Insights Association is pleased to announce that the Southwest Chapter and the New England Chapter have been named Chapters of the Year for 2020. Both Chapters grew their membership, strengthened their financial position, and provided innovative events to engage and assist members during a most difficult year.

“Our Chapters did a remarkable job helping their members during a most challenging year,” commented Melanie Courtright, CEO of the Insights Association. “It was amazing to see how quickly they embraced online events and they absolutely excelled. This was a year when providing a sense of community and belonging was invaluable – and our chapters delivered!”

Adding her congratulations, Alice Butler, Senior Vice President at M/A/R/C Research and IA Board Director, commented, “Our Chapter volunteers had more than enough to concern themselves at their own businesses and with their families. To see them band together for the benefit of their industry colleagues was incredible to witness. All IA Chapters went above and beyond throughout the year and both winning Chapters richly deserve this honor.”

The Southwest Chapter was chosen based on the following accomplishments in 2020:

  • Stepped up communications to keep members engaged during this isolating time, especially for those who had lost their jobs. “Talent Spotlight” was created to help out-of-work members find new employment and MRX job listings were added to quarterly newsletters.
  • Exceeded the educational and networking hours requirement through virtual content and events, they connected hundreds of members to opportunities that helped them keep learning and provided some of the highest-rated sessions in their 34-year event history.
  • Optimized email marketing, increased social media engagement and added a new social media volunteer position to help with outreach, particularly among recent graduates and young professionals. These efforts resulted in a 50% growth in social media followers, boosted event attendance and interest in joining the board.
  • Created an Ambassador Program to energize long-tenured members and turn them into boots-on-the-ground Chapter advocates across their large region.
  • Grew membership by 50% – from 304 members in 2019 to 456 in 2020!
  • Finished the year profitably, while also giving back to the community through donations and student sponsorships.

The New England Chapter was chosen based on the following accomplishments in 2020: 

  • Swiftly pivoted their program and focus to develop and deliver a range of virtual events focused on the most pressing needs of their members and the industry including:

- Two-day qualitative discussion board focused on professional challenges experienced due to Covid-19.

- Online event featuring Trent Theroux, a motivational speaker and leadership trainer, who provided tips on how to strengthen one’s professional and personal resiliency in a challenging time.

- Multi-day workshop in partnership with Research Rockstar: “What Every Market Research & Insights Professional Needs to Know about Data Sources in 2020”.

- “Diving for Pearls” event, which brought together Jewel Ascano, Monster Worldwide; Julio Franco, Zappi; and Susan Lustig, The FORUM Group, to share their thoughts on how to best navigate the current market and how to network in the new, virtual world.

  • Established a scholarship providing members the chance to win all-access passes to Research Rockstar professional skills courses.
  • Grew membership by 59% from 231 in 2019 to 370 in 2020!
  • Weathered the Covid-19 storm and remains in a strong fiscal position by cutting expenses and operated with a profit in 2020.

The Insights Association is proud to acknowledge the significant accomplishments and contributions of the Southwest and New England Chapters – winners of the 2020 Chapter of the Year Award.