This study, fielded between April 24 and May 6, 2020, was conducted using CRIS by Delvinia, an AI-enabled virtual moderator that conducts qualitative one-on-one text-based interviews at scale.

Despite reporting widespread revenue loss – three-quarters of study participants say revenue has “decreased somewhat” or “decreased a lot” – IA members are optimistic as we look post-COVID.

Here are some key findings:

Embracing Change…Led by adoption of online bulletin board and video conferencing technology, use of research technology has been on the rise – about one third (32%) of members reported an increase, and fewer than one quarter have decreased their usage of Research Technology during the pandemic.

Positive Attitude … Despite the fact that some research, especially qualitative, has been either put on hold or cancelled, Insights Association members are generally positive about the changes to the way they are doing research now. The majority of the responses tended to be positive (42%) or neutral (also 42%), while a minority (16%) were classified as negative.

Optimism for the future … Few Insights Association members are not positive. In fact, a strong majority (69%) are either “very positive” or “somewhat positive” about the future of market research in the area they work in.

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