IL – Sen. Matt Murphy (R-27) introduced S.B. 1572, which would amend the Automatic Telephone Dialers Act to prohibit “electioneering autodialer telephone calls” to those who have registered on the state do not call registry.

S.B. 1572 defines “electioneering autodialer telephone call” as “any voice communication over a telephone line, through the use of an autodialer or autodialer system… that:  refers to (i) a clearly identified candidate or candidates who will appear on the ballot for nomination for election, election, or retention, (ii) a clearly identified political party, or (iii) a clearly identified question of public policy that will appear on the ballot;” and “(2) is targeted to the relevant electorate; and (3) is susceptible to no reasonable interpretation other than as an appeal to vote for or against a clearly identified candidate for nomination for election, election, or retention, a political party, or a question of public policy.”

Since public opinion polling would remain exempt from the do not call registry, this legislation should have minimal impact on the research profession.