The mission of the Great Lakes Chapter (GLC) is to promote excellence in the market research industry by providing a voice, resource, and network to advance the marketing research and analytics community of GLC members and other interested parties.

In support of this mission, the GLC confirms that:

  • It recognizes its members consist of researchers and insights professionals of all racial and ethnic backgrounds and strives to provide equitable and inclusive offerings and resources to its members of color, in particular.
  • We stand against all forms of racism and the structures that enable and sustain it and commit to taking actionable steps to dismantle systemic racism in our community.
  • We acknowledge while we have had initiatives in place, such as the establishment of our Diversity and Education Committee during the 2011-2012 board year, we can do more, be better, and strengthen our commitment in being an organization that provides equitable offerings for all.

We affirm our commitment to look at the racial makeup of our board and our committees, our educational offerings, and our marketing language with a racial equity lens, so we can do our part to dismantle systemic racism in our community.

To foster racial equity and inclusion, we commit our effort, time and resources to:

  • Furthering our efforts within our Diversity and Education Committee.
  • Collaborate with organizations in the GLC footprint serving communities of color to engage researchers or potential future researchers of color in programming and events.
  • Look at organization-wide practices through a racial equity lens with the understanding that this framework is dynamic and will change as we continue to learn and grow in our understanding of and approach to equitable and inclusive practices.
  • We commit resources to educating our board members and committee members on the existence and impact of institutional racism and cultural bias, and to design new thinking and practices to offset its impact.
  • We commit to partnering with other IA chapters as they look to develop diversity and inclusion initiatives as part of their missions.
  • We invite GLC members of all backgrounds and identities to join us in conversation around these issues. We are always open to feedback, thoughtful dialogue and ideas that will move this work forward.