The Insights Association's grassroots members are contacting their Assembly members -- some even meeting with their representatives in person -- to amend S.B. 790, a bill that would otherwise ban respondent incentives for California doctors participating in most pharmaceutical marketing research.

For instance, Michael Halberstam (Interviewing Service of America) met with staff for Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian early this week. Carlos Garcia (Garcia Research) did the same with Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia.

And yesterday, James Arcediano (Taylor Research),  John Nienstedt (Competitive Edge Research), and Howard Ziment (Mindfrog) met with staff for their local Assemblyman, Brian Maienschein.

The pending hearing on S.B. 790 in the Assembly Health Committee has been delayed a week, until June 27, buying us some more time to win support for our proposed amendment.

If you or a colleague are also willing to help, please get in touch today and review our position paper (which includes the Insights Association's proposed amendment).

PICTURED ABOVE (from left to right): John Nienstedt, Rob Knudson (Assemblyman Maienschein), Howard Ziment, James Arcediano.