Frontier7, a state of the art consumer intelligence platform dedicated to helping brands and agencies better understand their consumers, has announced the business’ rebrand to SightX.

Since its inception in 2015, SightX has provided AI-driven technology solutions to consumer insights and market research teams.

“With our increasing client base and market presence, we wanted our brand to better align with our positioning as an integrated research platform that improves outcomes through automated quant and qual analytics at scale, and speed. We are solving for the pain and inefficiency caused by the fragmentation of using many tools within the traditional market research process”, said Naira Musallam, Co-Founder of SightX.

"SightX, the name, reflects the technology’s capabilities to bring into sight whatever matters most to you, your company, or your brand. In statistics, the "X" symbolizes the unknown variable that we are endeavouring to understand,” said Naira.