E2E Research, a full-service, end-to-end provider of market and competitive intelligence, market research, and analytics in North America, Europe, and APAC, has announced that Annie Pettit, PhD CAIP FCRIC will be joining as Chief Research Officer, North America.

Annie joins with more than twenty years of experience in the marketing research industry, focused on analytics and survey research, data quality, and research standards. Prior to working as a research and communications consultant for four years, she served as VP Research Standards at Research Now (now Dynata), Chief Research Officer at Conversition Strategies, and VP Panel Analytics at Ipsos Interactive Services.

Annie is currently Chair of the Canadian Mirror Committee for ISO/TC 225 Market, Opinion, and Social Research which is responsible for setting and maintaining standardization of the requirements for organizations and professionals conducting market, opinion and social research including ISO 20252, ISO 26362, and ISO 19731. She is also on the board of Canada’s CAIP-PAIM (Certified Analytics and Insights Professional), and a member of the CRIC (Canadian Research and Insights Council) standards committee.

“We’re very happy to welcome Annie to the E2E Research team,” said Rupa Raje, President at E2E Research. “Throughout her career, she’s consistently demonstrated that high standards of practice are of utmost importance. Her focus on quality and her respect for research participants is a good match for our team and for our clients.”

“Annie’s experience with advanced research design and data analytics is key,” said Yogesh Rana, COO at E2E Research. “She brings hands-on technical experience working with massive datasets, both from panel data and social media data, which will help us ensure our data and analytics products and services align well with our clients’ needs.”