After 32 years in the market research industry, Randy Leiter, a Senior Survey Programmer at Delvinia, has gained distinction as the first retirement since the company launched in 1998. Randy joined Delvinia in 2006 and has been a quiet pillar in its AskingCanadians business for over 14 years.

Randy began his career at Goldfarb Consultants, working first as a CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) programmer, and eventually working his way up to being the CATI Manager. He was with Goldfarb Consultants for 18 years, with his final two years after the company became part of Millward Brown and branching into WEB survey programming.

When Randy joined Delvinia, the entire data collection team was only four people, and he was the only survey programmer. Randy joined a year after AskingCanadians was launched, and has seen AskingCanadians grow to become the leading online data collection business in Canada. 

Randy says nothing exciting has happened in the past 14 years, as he has remained a senior survey programmer, a role he far prefers to management. But his colleagues know that’s not true. The team around him would disagree with his humble view of himself and can attest that he has been integral to the programming team building processes and quality standards. "Randy has been a vital part of making AskingCanadians what it is today. He has supported many experienced programmers and guided young inexperienced programmers who have grown within our organization," commented CEO Adam Froman. "He has supported sales people and project managers to service many clients with all levels of complexity.  Beyond his professional skills, Randy’s dry sense of humour and expertise has helped to shape the Delvinia culture."

While Randy will be dearly missed, his colleagues are honoured to have had him on the Delvinia journey for the past 14 years and excited to share in his milestone. "We hope he now has the time to explore his interest in photography and that we’ll get the chance to see some photos from great trips once travel is available again," Froman added. "As our first retiree, we certainly know that Randy has earned this new freedom and we wish him all the best in this new chapter."