Cint, a technology platform that accelerates insight gathering in marketing research, has announced its acquisition of P2Sample, a U.S.-based company with one of the most powerful programmatic sampling platforms in the consumer insights industry.

This acquisition is a step forward for Cint in achieving its ultimate vision of being the technology backbone of the world’s most innovative insight companies. It brings in three distinct strategic advantages to Cint.

Firstly, it will benefit from integrating with P2Sample’s more than 200 supplier relationships that include affiliate networks, publisher networks, Google, Facebook, eBay, ad agencies and blog networks. This will now enable Cint customers to access over 100 million panelists across more than 150 countries in its Insight Exchange.

Secondly, by integrating with P2Sample, Cint will gain advantages in powerful programmatic access to sample demand and supply, over 100 API integrations and advanced artificial intelligence-based fraud detection capabilities that are considered best in the market.

Thirdly, Cint will gain P2Sample’s employees who, jointly with its own employees, will help to create incredible value to customers and partners of both companies.

Post-acquisition, P2Sample’s co-founders Mathijs de Jong (CEO) and Janna de Bruijne (COO), will remain in senior leadership roles in the combined entity. They will also join the global management group and help lead key strategic initiatives across the collective organization.

Tom Buehlmann, CEO of Cint, said, “This is great news for our customers and partners. Cint and P2Sample have a strong shared culture and are two wonderfully complementary businesses.”

Mathijs de Jong, P2Sample’s current CEO, said, “We share Cint's vision about the evolution of the industry and see huge potential in the combination. Cint is an organization whose principles and culture are virtually identical to ours. We are excited to join the Cint team at this pivotal moment in time, and we are confident that it’s the right move."

Due to Cint’s supplier agnostic go-to-market model, post-acquisition the company plans to divest the two P2Sample proprietary panel assets Points2Shop and SurveyRewardz. 

The two organizations are to operate as separate entities and will be brought together under the Cint Group umbrella by the end of 2019.