The Insights Association joined a large and varied coalition of organizations in support of Census funding and "an inclusive and accurate decennial census."

In a May 1, 2018 letter organized by the Census Project coalition, we called for Congressionl appropriations committees to "allocate $4.735 billion for the Census Bureau in FY2019 —$933.50 million above the Administration’s request for the agency, and $912.5 million above the request of $3.015 billion for the 2020 Census."

Even after the exceptionally generous Census appropriation in FY18 we helped to secure, lots more help is needed.

Describing FY2019 as “a critical year on the path toward the decennial census,” the co-signature letter said the FY2019 ramp-up must include additional funding for more partnership specialists to encourage participation by hard-to-count communities, increased advertising/communications funds, additional local census offices and questionnaire assistance centers. The letter also called for a $300 million contingency fund “in the event of IT failures or natural disasters, including hurricanes and wildfires.”

In closing, our groups encouraged Congress to recognize "the significance of the Census Bureau’s work as it prepares for the 2020 Census and continues its mandate to collect, disseminate, and share data regarding the changing demographic, economic and social composition of the U.S. population."