While the Insights Association was unable to get legislation passed before the end of 2020 to extend the reporting deadlines for 2020 Census data, to ensure enough time to finish processing, review and analysis after the chaos and delays driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Census Bureau could not deliver the Trump Administration useful data in the demanded timeframe (i.e., before the President had to leave office).

Along the lines of the legislation we had advocated last year to give the Census Bureau more time, the Bureau announced recently that it would not be able to report 2020 Census state-level results for purposes of apportionment until approximately April 30.

The more useful data release – detailed redistricting data – won’t be ready until the end of September. "The redistricting data includes counts of population by race, ethnicity (Hispanic or Latino origin), voting age, housing occupancy status, and group quarters population, all at the census block level. This is the information that states need to redraw or “redistrict” their legislative boundaries."

Allowing the Bureau this necessary time was a key recommendation IA made to the incoming Biden Administration back in December. Gina Raimondo, nominee to run the Commerce Department, appears to support these moves as well.

While the process has been messy, the end result sought by the Insights Association and our Census Project coalition seems to have been achieved: the Bureau will have the opportunity to produce the most accurate and complete decennial census results.