Kingston, Jamaica-based Bluedot has announced the launch of a "groundbreaking online platform which brings faster, more cost-effective research to companies." Bluedot Communa, "the first of its kind in the Caribbean," provides companies direct access to a large online community of consumers.

Bluedot’s CEO Larren Peart explained, "Bluedot Communa grants anyone the unique opportunity to confidently make data-driven decisions from reliable and timely consumer insights; facilitating a symbiotic relationship where businesses gather insights, and consumers are rewarded for providing them."

According to 2017 statistics from the Tax Administration of Jamaica, 97% of classified and registered businesses in Jamaica are micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and they contribute to 80% of employment. Unfortunately, only very large institutions in the region can afford to conduct surveys. Bluedot Communa brings the power of big business to the Caribbean’s MSMEs and is poised to significantly change the business landscape. 

The new Bluedot  platform is highly cost-effective compared to traditional research methods. “With Bluedot Communa, the average cost per response would be approximately 50% less than traditional methods. Additionally, with the use of psychographic profiling, businesses will have access to a more accurately represented and relevant demographic,” Peart added. Traditional research usually yields results in 4-8 weeks. With Communa, companies will get results in real time. MSMEs interested in accessing this new service and individuals interested in getting paid while providing consumer insights can sign up at

Bluedot is a full-service Market Research, Social Media Insights & Data Insights agency, providing critical decision support services including qualitative and quantitative market research, data driven strategy recommendations, social media optimization solutions and management consulting services to a wide variety of clients across industries and regions.