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About Our Guest

David Intrator, Chief Meaning Officer, RTi Resarch

Harvard educated and Madison Avenue trained, David Intrator has worked on both the creative and strategic sides of the marketing communications business in the U.S. and abroad.

Over the years he’s helped companies like IBM, Chase, BMW, Fidelity, Unilever and others tell their stories in a clear and compelling way. As chief meaning officer at RTi, he’s helped synthesize research findings for brands like Amex, Synchrony and The Cleveland Orchestra into stories that can not only be easily communicated throughout those organizations, but even more important, acted upon. Moreover, what he knows has been sought out by universities like NYU and Johns Hopkins, along with organizations including Red Bull, Papa John’s, Western Digital and the U.S. Navy.

All in all, RTi’s David Intrator offers a unique and wide-ranging perspective on storytelling that will help you thrive in a world where success is increasingly dependent on story tell.


2:28 – What is a story, really? And what is necessary to drive one?

4:45 – Your story idea must be a proposition or assertion of something.

5:58 – How can research companies help their corporate research clients share “the story” internally to their teams?

7:46 – Cultural differences may require adjustments – in style, duration, humor, etc. But the underlying structure won’t change.

12:00 – Simple rules to structure your story. It’s all about the script…

15:55 – The hardest part of the process: knowing where you’re going.

21:32 – Why shorter attention spans may help MR storytelling.

25:00 – Common communication mistakes and how to remedy them.

28:00 – The role of empathy and emotion in business communications.