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Darrin is a CISSP and 22-year veteran in information technology and information security, previously employed at companies like Security Advisers, SCI, Northrop Grumman IT, and Cabletron Systems. He helps companies of all size and type implement cost-effective and sustainable, strategic information security programs. Darrin is a founding member and Vice President of the NH (ISC)² Chapter, and is the NH state organizer for the New England Cloud Security Alliance.

[1:45] – Common information security vulnerabilities for research companies.

[2:53] – Growing activity of phishing & ransomware – targeting the inexperienced end user sitting on your network.

[4:00] – Small and mid-sized businesses are being targeted more than ever. How companies can protect themselves.

[6:04] – Understanding the risks to your assets, placing a value on them, and moving to secure them.

[7:15] – Third party security. Meeting the information security demands of your clients.

[9:45] – How will information be secured in the future?

[11:00] – Most surprising areas of vulnerability; most common mistakes and oversights.

[16:12] - Vulnerability in software coding.

[18:03] – When it comes to securing my company’s data, where do I start?


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