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Anthony "Tas" Tasgal, Founder, P.O.V. Marketing and Research

Tas is a Man of Many Lanyards. He runs his own training company, acts as Course Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Market Research Society, and teaches courses on Storytelling, Behavioural Economics, and Insightment and Creative Briefing, and also lectures at various universities as well as doing freelance brand strategy. He is the author of The Storytelling Book, the award-winning guide to using storytelling techniques to improve presentations and communication. His latest book is The Inspiratorium.


[1:45] – Mistakes researchers make when trying to tell an insights story.

[2:48] – An obsession with data keeps us from embracing the key tenets of good storytelling.

[4:01] – The brain filters out most things it encounters. How do we avoid people’s “attention spam” folder?

[5:54] – There’s a pressure to be perceived as serious and that makes us rely too much on data and ignore the story.

[7:40] – How to turn a data set or presentation into a story with “The Golden Thread”.

[8:55] – The biggest sin committed by researchers when they present to clients.

[10:13] – Finding a proper headline – it must be short, punchy, meaningful, emotional & memorable.

[11:49] – An exercise for those frightened about telling a story.

[12:30] – Finding a hero, villain and conflict to frame your data story.  

[15:45] – Storytelling is currently having its moment, but there’s still resistance with the “grown-ups”.

[17:55] – Having one foot in your market and one outside it.

[20:15] – Forging a culture of “Insightment”.

[20:53] – Our business is about people. We need to focus more on biology and psychology than physics and mathematics.

[22:15] – Is storytelling changing with new media and shorter attention spans?


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