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On the premier of Audible Insights, we’re pleased to introduce you to Dave Knox. As a brand marketer, venture investor, and startup advisor, Dave bridges the Fortune 500 and entrepreneurship. The intersection of these two worlds is the subject of his new book, Predicting The Turn: The High Stakes Game of Business Between Startups and Blue Chips, which was named the Grand Prix winner of the 2017 Atticus Award.

Dave is the former Chief Marketing Officer for Rockfish, a widely recognized digital innovation agency that was acquired by WPP, where he also served as the Managing Director for WPP Ventures. Prior to Rockfish, Dave was a seven-year veteran of Procter & Gamble, where he was instrumental in the digital turnaround that led to P&G being named to AdAge’s Digital A-List.

Dave was named to the iMedia 25 Class of Digital Innovators, by Cincinnati Business Courier as the CMO of the Year in its inaugural C-Suite Awards, and as a 40 Under 40 by both AdAge and the P&G Alumni Network. Dave is a frequent keynote speaker on digital innovation and disruption, including appearances at SXSW, TEDx, Back End of Innovation, NRFtech, Brand Innovators, AdTech NYC, and the iMedia Summit.

He is the co-founder of The Brandery – one of the top 10 startup accelerators in the country. Dave is also a Managing Partner in the seed fund Vine St Ventures, and an advisor to Bullpen Capital, Glasswing Ventures, and Hyde Park Venture Partners.


[:30] – Intro – Get to know Dave Knox.

[1:38] – Dave describes his simultaneous work at Proctor & Gamble and as a venture capital advisor and angel investor. Struck by the commonalities of the Fortune 500 and startup worlds, he was inspired to write his new book, “Predicting the Turn”.

[3:00] – Where there are vast opportunities for market research right now.

[4:35] – The best insights leaders recognize early indicators of consumer behavior. Startups can be the canary in the coal mine – researchers and established companies must have them on their radar to see what’s coming next.

[5:57] – Lessons for start-ups who need to bootstrap themselves.

[8:24] – What smaller, slow-growing, more traditional companies can do to compete in a market that is so innovative and fast-changing.

[10:28] – Innovation is a behavior that must be segmented. Different types of innovation apply differently to companies based on size, market, financial resources.

[12:05] – Innovation doesn’t need to be sexy to have a big impact. How a small change implemented by Wal-Mart made a significant difference to the bottom line.

[14:26] – What market research can do to have a more significant role in the corporate C-suite.

[16:52] - How market research companies can help the mid-level corporate researcher make a bigger impact.

[19:55] – How researchers can help companies address the “second order of consequences” we see now in the current business environment. These are new opportunities and risks coming from different industries and directions not seen before. How can companies invest now for these changes?

[22:30] – Researchers need to be more open to embracing new models and tools. More effective methods are being ignored by those risk averse.

[24:30] - Wrap up – How to contact Dave (Also see below).



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