A Passionate Advocate for Marketing Research & Analytics

Advocacy is at the very heart of what we do. The Insights Association strives for the acceptance, appreciation and growth of marketing research as an industry and as a profession. This is accomplished several ways, including advocating for the professionalism of marketing research through the education and certification of marketing research professionals, through the development and enforcement of industry standards, identification and promulgation of best practices, making the definitive business case for the value of marketing research, promoting and protecting marketing research in legislative, regulatory and judicial forums, and improving the image of marketing research among the general public and business community. 

The Insights Association’s total reinvestment of all revenues back into our profession directly enriches your career and those of other insights professionals like you.

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  • Professional Researcher Certification and Insights Association's Certificates
  • Code of Standards & Ethics – addresses the responsibilities of marketing researchers to each other, the public, and anyone benefiting from research and the decisions resulting from it. Insights Association members commit to following this code, and are encouraged to report any violations of the Code to us.

Business Advocacy

The Insights Association is working to create the definitive business case to promote the value of marketing research.

  • MR uses, benefits and ROI
  • MR modes & methodologies, strengths & weaknesses
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    • Case studies

Government Affairs

The Insights Association promotes and protects marketing research in legislative, regulatory and judicial forums.

  • Legal & ethics resources
  • White papers
  • Our successes

Media and Public Affairs

Both reactively and proactively, the Insights Association works to improve the image of marketing research before the general public and business communities. This work also boosts respondent cooperation and the acceptance of marketing research.