The Volunteer of the Year Award, presented at the Insights & Strategies Conference in San Diego on June 3, recognizes the top MRA volunteer or volunteers who have brought excellence in service specifically to the Association during the past year. One of this year’s recipients just concluded a two year term as a director at large on MRA’s national board. While board members are expected to be advocates and to deliver, Elizabeth Merrick has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Her contributions and point of view have been imperative to the growth and sustainability of MRA, particularly among younger researchers like herself.

Elizabeth Merrick consistently takes on large-scale, complex projects on MRA's behalf. She is confident, poised, and nothing short of a machine. In the last year, she was tasked with working and co-leading the Blue Book Committee and the Membership Committee. Both required massive amounts of time and strategic thinking.

She has developed and presented numerous reports to the board to support and allow progress towards its strategic mandate and has done all of this while initially working as a corporate researcher at HSN, then as a full-time marketing research student pursuing her MBA at the University of Florida.

Simply put, Elizabeth Merrick worked tirelessly for MRA over the past 12 months and we feel lucky to have been the recipients of her time and expertise.

Elizabeth Merrick MRA Volunteer of the Year Award