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Unique Industry Benchmarking Information That’s Invaluable To Your Business

Market research and data analytics provides the intelligence by which all major corporations steer their businesses. As leaders of research businesses and departments, you, too, need information to guide your strategic decision-making.

Insights Association membership provides access to such valuable data via a variety of comprehensive benchmarking reports.

Compensation Survey – Market Research Agency Members Only
The report derived from this comprehensive survey provides detailed information on dozens of job positions across all regions in the U.S. Executives rely on the Insights Association Compensation Report to review market research industry compensation practices, including salary, bonuses, and benefits. Members completing the survey receive a Custom Report Card that compares their company's performance to other participants in the region of similar size, allowing for convenient, at-a-glance evaluation. Vault Consulting conducts the survey online and compiles the results, ensuring the confidentiality of individual company data.

Reports are free to participating membersNon-members and non-participating member companies may purchase the final reports. Contact us for details.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Study – 
To identify areas of attention and track the progress of our industry’s diversity and inclusion efforts, this new census seeks to provide an essential baseline measurement of the demographic makeup of our U.S. profession. 

IA Trends Report – Consumer insights departments must ensure the customer’s POV is represented at the point of decision and agencies are navigating new terrain to help their clients achieve this at unprecedented speed. IA's Trends Report helps leaders gain clarity on the current market and provides fuel for our foresight. The Report spotlights key trends to guide planning and investment; describes current barriers to successfully conducting and using market research; identifies possible market gaps and corresponding solutions. 

Mental Wellbeing in Insights – In partnership with IA member Opinium, we are pleased to provide the annual "Mental Well-being in the U.S. Insights Sector" Report. The findings help us better understand the state of mental well-being and underlying issues within market and social research. In conjunction with the report, IA has hosted Town Halls on the subject featuring mental health experts and leaders in human resources providing guidance on developing and implementing workplace mental wellness programs. Information and understanding are the most powerful means to boost empathy and alleviate the lingering stigma of mental health issues and illness. We encourage all in the Insights community to join us as we work toward creating working environments that support the overall mental wellness of every employee. 

Insights & Analytics Market & Top 50 Report – The Top 50 Report (formerly Honomichl & Gold) has a 48-year history and is published annually in partnership with the Insights Association and Michigan State University and sponsored by the AMA, ESOMAR and the Global Research Business Network.