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Member Spotlight: Erdos Media Research

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Launched in 2023, Erdos Media Research was created from the combination of Beta Research and its sister company, Erdos & Morgan. Paul Di Lillo, David March and Gail Disimile comprise the senior management team - all of whom worked together in the 1980s. By focusing on media research with a forte in political, financial and B to B research, Erdos has been able to carve out a niche. We sat down with CEO David March to learn more.

Tell us about your key service offerings.
At Erdos Media Research (EMR), we focus on all aspects of media research such as usage, brand impact, advertising development and testing, measurement and tracking studies, etc. We are committed to delivering accurate, timely, and actionable intelligence to uncover key trends, consumer behaviors, and emerging opportunities. We aim to be a trusted partner for media organizations, advertising agencies/communications companies and other organizations with a vested interest in connecting with their clients. We enable them to navigate the complexities of the media ecosystem and achieve sustainable growth and success.  

What surprised you most about being an entrepreneur?
I was pleasantly surprised at how much our clients wanted to see our company succeed. They really worked with us to make sure we got off to a good start. I guess it speaks to the relationship we have with our clients.

Of the services you offer, is there one in particular that is still emerging, and you feel holds the most unfulfilled promise? If so, why and how do you see it evolving / helping your clients in the future?
We have a proprietary database of approximately 125,000 Financial Advisors. The database is cross-referenced with the SEC database and continually updated. We use this database as the basis for our Financial Advisor Media Outlook and Usage Study (FAMOUS). We also use it for custom research. This dovetails nicely with the studies we conduct among executives, high net worth individuals and other groups involved in finance. 

What are you doing to measure the business impact of your insights?
One of the key components of the services we provide are custom tracking studies. By definition, these studies are designed to measure business impact of promotional campaigns. We provide insights as to “why” a campaign is working by looking at a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs can help advertising agencies and their clients fine tune their promotional message. They can also be used by media companies to demonstrate the impact of their brands.  

What are the most common problems that brands bring to your door?
As a media market research company, we have three different types of clients – media brands, advertising agencies and their end clients/organizations. There is obviously an overlap among all three types of clients, yet each come to us for different reasons. Media brands usually want to demonstrate the power and research of their brand. Advertising agencies want help in developing, fine tuning and tracking the effectiveness of digital and linear advertisements. Clients/Organizations use our services to evaluate the impact of their ad campaigns and to learn about the consumers of their products or services.

What prompted you to join the Insights Association / What have been the most valued benefits of membership for you and your team thus far?
The Insights Association is universally regarded as the leading organization within the market research industry. Being a member bolsters credibility since our clients know that we adhere to the Insights Association’s Code of Standards & Ethics. The ability to attend conferences, seminars, and webinars to continue to learn and stay abreast of changes in the industry is also a major benefit.

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