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New Study Finds Black Consumers Deeply Passionate About Cooking, Traveling

Author | 29 Sep, 2022 | Return|

By: Sudipti Kumar, Collage Group’s Director of Product and Content

New insights delving into the Passion Points of Black Consumers reveal that the Black segment is deeply enthusiastic about cooking and baking.

This is according to cultural intelligence firm, Collage Group which says the majority of Black Americans feel at home and have a sense of comfort when they are in the kitchen.

The Black Passion Points – ideas or areas where Black Americans care deeply, – found that a number of Black consumers feel at home when preparing and serving food to loved ones. As a result, many Black Americans have fond memories of learning how to cook from older relatives. They view preparing a meal as time to spend with family, create new memories, and express love for others through food.

Brands can benefit from these insights by portraying cooking and baking as a full family (plus friends) activity. Emphasize the relational aspect of cooking because it is the real motivator behind Black consumers’ enjoyment in making food.

The Black Passion Points study also found that Black travelers are not dissuaded by discomfort. Black Americans are more likely than any other racial segment to travel with the intent of getting out of their comfort zone, as 46% cited that as a motivation to travel. That said, Black Americans prefer to travel domestically within the U.S., rather than internationally.


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Historically, biases and bigotry have followed Black Americans whenever they embarked on an outing or trip. While biases still exist within the travel industry for Black consumers, Black travelers now have a wealth of options and places to explore, and many seize the opportunity.

Brands can leverage this insight to their advantage by looking to boost Black Americans’ excitement for U.S. locations. When crafting travel advertisements, include local interests within the messaging.

In addition to cooking and traveling, the Collage Group study also mentions the impact of sports within the Black community, noting that Black athletes are seen as outspoken leaders in and outside of their sport.

In fact, Black Americans are dedicated sports fans who closely follow their favorite teams, and follow the careers of specific athletes. From Muhammad Ali to Serena Williams, Black athletes have served as genre-crossing American heroes for decades. As a result of that earned trust and influence, Black athletes have often refused to “stick to sports,” choosing to opine on social and political matters that affect the Black community.

Brands can utilize this knowledge by recognizing and understanding the influence and social/political sway of Black athletes. Stay abreast of current events and partner with Black athletes on marketing efforts, as this can support brand resonance among Black consumers.