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Insights Association-licensed Certificates Available from Research Rockstar Training

The Insights Association has partnered with Research Rockstar Training, a long-time provider of market research and insights training and eLearning, to offer Insights Professional Certification (IPC) Specialty Certificates in five insights methodology areas.

Staying current with fast-evolving research methods is essential to anyone seeking to stand out and progress in their careers. This eLearning-based program enables students to customize their education and advance through certificate requirements at their own pace. 

The IPC Specialty Certificates provide targeted content and education in five insights methodology areas (professionals may choose to earn one or more of these credentials):

  • IPC Analytics recognizes those with advanced understanding of data analysis, analytic techniques, the use of secondary data, and synthesis.
  • IPC Practitioner recognizes those with advanced understanding of the research process, research design and data identification, and the current framework of ethical and legal best practices.
  • IPC Qualitative recognizes those with advanced understanding in designing and managing qualitative research, along with analyzing and reporting the results of qualitative research.
  • IPC Quantitative recognizes those with advanced understanding of sampling, quantitative data collection methods, and questionnaire design.
  • IPC Specialist is a customizable certification that recognizes mastery of any three of the thirteen specified topics: Introduction to Market Research and the Research Process; Market Research Design and Data Identification; Sampling in Market Research; Qualitative Market Research; Quantitative Data Collection Methods; Measurement and Questionnaire Design; Introduction to Data Analysis; Advanced Analytic Techniques; Working with Secondary Data: Syndicated and Big Data; Communicating Research Results; Global Market Research; Emerging Methods and the Future of Market Research; Ethical and Legal Issues in Market Research.

To earn the certificates, the researcher is required to pass approved courses that meet the stated topics. To make this easy, Research Rockstar has created five corresponding eLearning bundles that include all the courses needed to earn the specified IPC Certificate. Course requirements include completion of assignments and quizzes and scoring 70% or better on each course’s final assessment.

The IPC Specialty Certificate program offers complete scheduling flexibility as all courses are taken via Research Rockstar's 24/7 eLearning portal. All registered students are also invited to optional Live Events hosted by Research Rockstar instructors in Zoom.

Those successfully completing coursework in a topic area will receive a personalized certificate and earn a valuable credential to share and post on social media profiles, etc.


View specific details on course curriculum; estimated time requirements and how to enroll.


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