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Shapiro + Raj Launches Dedicated Technology Practice

Shapiro + Raj Launches Dedicated Technology Practice

Shapiro+Raj, among the largest minority-owned insights consultancies, announced the launch of its dedicated Technology Practice. This dedicated team will complement Shapiro+Raj's already established Life Science, Home Improvement, and Financial Services Practices, solidifying its position as a top 25 most innovative agency and #1 strategic consultancy globally. With a focus on delivering future-forward insights and empowering clients to shape the future, the Technology Practice will provide invaluable support in today's rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Heading the Technology Practice will be Scott Swigart (pictured), a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience serving technology companies, particularly in the B2B space. Mr. Swigart has a remarkable track record of successfully assisting technology companies in redefining their marketing strategies, developing go-to-market plans, guiding product roadmap development, optimizing sales teams, and more. He will be supported by a team of eight tech-domain expert researchers, collectively forming the backbone of the dedicated Technology Practice.

Scott Swigart expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our team is thrilled to be joining Shapiro+Raj. As the dedicated Technology Practice, we bring our extensive knowledge in B2B technology and are excited to combine that with Shapiro+Raj’s cutting-edge approaches and tools to facilitate growth and assist technology-focused clients in shaping the future rather than just reacting to it.” 

"Scott Swigart and his team embody the perfect fit with Shapiro+Raj. We share a common dedication to propelling growth through strategic insight and a daring, inventive spirit. With Scott's deep category expertise merging with Shapiro+Raj's established behavioral science methods and strategic acumen, the dedicated Technology Practice becomes a catalyst for game-changing, forward-looking insights that ignite transformative outcomes within the Technology industry,” said Zain Raj, Chairman + CEO.

The launch of the dedicated Technology Practice signifies Shapiro+Raj's commitment to continuously expanding its capabilities and providing clients with unparalleled industry expertise. With this strategic move, the consultancy aims to further strengthen its position as the go-to partner for organizations seeking to navigate the complex technology landscape and unlock their full growth potential.