Yabble Unveils New ChatGPT Plugin, Revolutionizing Market Research with Instant Insights - Industry News

Yabble Unveils New ChatGPT Plugin, Revolutionizing Market Research with Instant Insights

Yabble, a market leader in generative AI for insights, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking plugin, now available in the ChatGPT plugin store. It’s the only end-to-end AI research solution available on the platform - marking a game-changing moment for data collection and analysis. This industry-disrupting advance increases speed to insight, forever changing the economics of ideation and iteration. Taking minutes, not days to explore multiple ideas, validate usage and attitudes or understand brand perceptions.


The Yabble plugin uses ChatGPT as the knowledge foundation and layers in a proprietary mix of social media and global trend data to add relevant and recent information based on the topic. The result is augmented data from a unique AI-generated audience.


Yabble CEO Kathryn Topp explains, “The power of Generative AI is changing our world daily. Through the reach of Yabble’s ChatGPT plugin, a new generation of users can unlock insights with incredible ease and speed, making data-driven decisions a reality for everyone.”


This ChatGPT plugin is one of many successful innovations from Yabble as they deliver outstanding AI-driven insights solutions for global brands. Says Kathryn, “The Yabble team has always been fearless innovators, and I’m very proud that we’ve created another revolution in the world of insights.”


Wasting money on testing multiple hypotheses, waiting days for survey quotas to fill, and losing productivity from laborious desk research are all things of the past. Adds Kathryn, “Once teams experience the ease of use, reliability and efficiency, there is no going back from instant insights. When new questions emerge about consumer opinion, experience or behavior, there is now the option to just Yabble it."