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PureSpectrum Announces PureScore™ 2.0

PureSpectrum has announced the release of PureScore™ 2.0. PureScore™ 2.0 builds upon PureScore™ 1.0 introduced in the spring of 2020 and ushers in a suite of powerful new enhancements and techniques to ensure that researchers continue to have the utmost confidence in the data collected through the PureSpectrum Marketplace and Insights Platforms.

PureScore™ is a comprehensive, advanced machine learning-driven, scoring system designed to measure individual survey respondent quality regardless of source. The PureScore™ model detects survey-taking patterns across billions of survey sessions per year. The further that a respondent’s fraud markers and behaviors deviate from the ideal, the lower their PureScore™. Respondents with a low PureScore™ are blocked from taking PureSpectrum surveys. Its efficacy is proven through ongoing research-on-research, which will explore the consistency and accuracy of data when using PureScore™ 2.0. PureScore™ 2.0 introduces an updated and enhanced algorithm that:

• Has learned, evolved, and become more powerful based on the data from 10 billion+ sessions since its inception just 3 years ago.

• Incorporates Data Quality for All, a vetted respondent behavioral assessment now expanded to all respondents based on a variety of trigger scenarios prior to survey entry to ensure active, attentive, and articulate respondents.

• Deploys Artificial Intelligence (AI) fuzzy logic which allows PureScore™ 2.0 to take a more nuanced approach to determine and prevent duplicate responses versus conventional Boolean logic approaches.

• Dramatically reduces “ghost” completes with powerful link security available for use with any survey platform.


The increasingly powerful model within PureScore™ 2.0 provides researchers with confidence in their data despite a rapidly changing data quality and fraud landscape in the online market research industry. With PureScore™ 2.0 integrated with the PureSpectrum Marketplace Platform for sample acquisition and management, the industry has the solution it needs to reduce risk and increase confidence in data and decisions.

Michael McCrary, Founder and CEO at PureSpectrum, comments, “Quality is the cornerstone of PureSpectrum. This is demonstrated in the level of quality data we provide our clients in our platform and solutions. We are confident that by embracing a quality first mindset and committing to delivering the highest quality products and services possible, we make our clients’ lives easier knowing that they have a trusted partner for quality”.


Mark Menig, Chief Product Officer at PureSpectrum, adds, “Advances in the fields of Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning are unlocking new and innovative opportunities to combat the quality issues our industry faces every day. We see quality as our commitment to every single client and we act swiftly and constantly to ensure our clients succeed”.