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Savanta Merges Acquisition Brands Within Core Offering

Market research agency Savanta, announced the merger of previous key acquisitions: Savanta ComRes, Savanta MSI, YouthSight and MindSpark - bringing them under the Savanta brand name.

The announcement comes shortly after the launch of their new website,, combining the Savanta offer under one roof to facilitate faster, easier, and more effective decision making for their clients.

Bringing these brands together under one name will provide even greater synergy under Savanta’s brand.

Global CEO, Savanta, Roger Perowne comments: “The world has seen a fundamental shift in the last decade – we’re inundated with information and face overwhelming complexity. The most successful businesses decode this nuanced environment and make fast, nimble, impactful decisions. This is exactly what we wanted to do for our clients. Provide a single, unified Savanta. A place where they can access the very best data, technology, and expertise. Helping them to progress by making better decisions, faster.”

The brands included in the merge are:

• Savanta ComRes - Acquired in August 2019, and previously known as ComRes until Nov 2019, is the reputation, public policy and communications arm of Savanta within the UK.

• Savanta MSI - first procured in August 2021 in the Americas region, enhances Savanta’s experience within healthcare, pharmaceutical, investment, insurance, IT/security, and retirement.

• YouthSight - acquired in May 2021, is the leading youth research specialist and owner of the UK’s largest youth research panel, where there are plans to expand this into a global offering.

• MindSpark - joined the Savanta family in February 2022, which includes a global offering focused on user experience and qualitative insights.