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Winners of Betsy Jane Peterson Award Announced

Winners of Betsy Jane Peterson Award Announced

Bridie Anne MacCrory, EX Insights Manager at COMCAST, and Jethro Israel, Insights Whiz at Smarty Pants, have been named winners of this year’s Betsy Jane Peterson Award. The announcement was made at the Insights Association’s Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) in New York City. 

Each will have covered in full the enrollment fee for The Principles of Market Research course presented by MRII and the University of Georgia. 


The Principles of Marketing Research, completed online through self-paced study and covering the 13 topics of the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK™), helps practitioners understand the full process of research from beginning to end. Graduates can receive an automatic examination exemption to the Insights Association’s IPC (Insights Professional Certification) program

Jethro has been working at Smarty Pants for more than one year, progressing in the company from Insights Prodigy to an Insights Whiz. 

“As a social historian and diet mathematician at heart, market research gives me a window into everyday society that is interactive. This is because – we are what we consume,” Jethro noted in his Award application essay. “Market research takes potentially static data and brings it to life in the form of trends and insights. These trends and insights help businesses better understand and service the needs of their consumers. My primary goal as a researcher is to make a meaningful contribution to the  industry. At the end of my career, I want to see that I have added value.” 

Bridie was introduced to the world of market research and CX through an internship with AmerisourceBergen, a drug wholesaler.

“Market Research is where I found my home at the intersection of psychology, data analysis, and technology,” she writes. “I currently work on Employee Experience, managing the frontline experience for Comcast. I absolutely love being able to provide meaningful insights that help translate data- driven decisions for the company. “ 


“There were several deserving applicants. Each was quite compelling, and it made choosing just two winners very difficult,” commented Melanie Courtright, CEO of the Insights Association. “We are excited to assist this year's winners with their continued growth and development. The insights community will be made stronger by the future contributions of Bridie and Jethro.”

Added Pamela Bracken, Department Head of Special Projects and Curriculum Development at the University of Georgia and a Board Member of Market Research Institute International (MRII), “We can’t wait to welcome Bridie and Jethro into our program. They exemplify the purpose of the curriculum – to expand the knowledge of motivated professionals with current, readily applicable training to succeed in the fast-evolving world of insights.”

The Betsy Jane Peterson MRA Award was created in 2003 by the Marketing Research Association, which merged with CASRO in 2017 to form the Insights Association. Betsy was among the founders of MRII (formerly known as the Marketing Research Association Institute (MRAI) in 1995. During this time, she also held the position of Executive Director of the MRA. 

Graduates of The Principles of Market Research are recognized by industry associations, employers, peer groups and other professionals as having mastered the core body of knowledge that forms the basis of market research. Successful completion of the Principles course earns a Certificate of Program Completion, presented by the Insights Association, along with a Digital Badge, and University of Georgia Continuing Education Units