Gongos Announces Winners of Second Annual Value Exchange Awards - Industry News

Gongos Announces Winners of Second Annual Value Exchange Awards

Gongos, part of InSites Consulting, a consultative agency focused on operationalizing customer centricity, today announced the winners of the second annual 2022 Value Exchange Awards. Recipients are honored for their unique exemplary commitment to delivering on the outcomes that matter most to customers—universal customer goals. The winners will also be announced at the upcoming North American Customer Centricity Awards and Conference on October 12th hosted by international awards specialist ARCET Global.

Winners were selected via consumer research on 117 global brands’ performance across 25 customer goals, spanning functional, emotional, and social factors. The goals were recently expanded from 2021 research, and now incorporate inputs from multiple industry frameworks, including Bain’s Elements of Value, the Hines Value Model, Reiss Motivational Profiles, and InSite’s Consulting Human Drivers.

The five winning brands are as follows:

• 1st Place | Peloton

• 2nd Place | USAA

• 3rd Place | BMW

• 4th Place | Mayo Clinic

• 5th Place | Cricket Wireless

“It’s wonderful to see a diverse range of brands setting a new bar for excellence in customer centricity for the second year in a row,” said Lisa Brink, Senior Director, Client Consulting at Gongos. “These best-in-class award winners signify the growing expectation for human-centered customer care, with validated research demonstrating the positive impact this strategy has on long-term organizational financial health.”

Brink will join Strategy & Implementation Lead, Jeannie Votaw to showcase how best-in-class brands are creating reciprocal value by focusing on customer goals in a presentation on October 13th, 2022. Click here to register for this session that will illustrate how B2C organizations can too drive reciprocal value with customers.