The Art And Science of Joy Announces Launch of “Year of Joy” Initiative   - Industry News

The Art And Science of Joy Announces Launch of “Year of Joy” Initiative  

The Art and Science of Joy, a company on a mission to empower people to live more joy-filled lives, is officially introducing the Year of Joy project. The line-up of distinguished marketing research providers and suppliers already on board as partners in its not-for-profit Year of Joy initiative launching in early 2023 gives the project a tremendous head start.

The Year of Joy program is giving back to society by sharing with people a recipe for living more joy-filled lives. The goal is to leverage the power of the research sector to invite as many people as possible into the online Year of Joy community, and each week of the year, community participants will be given free access to information, education, and tips by one of 52 Joy Superpower experts who will share their wisdom on the ingredients for proactively building joy. The program includes researching community members to measure the impact of intentionally living a year of joy, and research findings will be shared with the industry and beyond in order to inspire even more people to build joy in their lives. Partners who have already joined the program include Communications for Research, Echo Marketing Research, Fuel, Innovate MR, Quester, RTi Research, Schlesinger Group, Scoot Insights, SyncScript, and Zappi. The program has also attracted the support of media partners Greenbook, Insights Association, and Quirk’s.

The Year of Joy organizers are calling on other members of the industry who are committed to giving back to research participants, employees, and society more broadly to join the program and help people harvest more joy in their lives, A variety of partnership opportunities exist for restech, research, panel, and recruitment companies alike.

Commenting on the news, Andrew Cannon, a founder of the Art and Science of Joy and project lead on the Year of Joy initiative, said, “The world is going through great transformation, and people are placing more importance on the core ingredients of joy: wellbeing, belonging, positive impact and fun. By planning for and harvesting more joy-filled lives, we are able to do more good for ourselves and for those we love as well as society and the planet more broadly.”

Kerry Hecht, CEO, Echo MR commented, “The initiative is an opportunity to support people through an inspiring, relevant topic with enduring benefits. Our team’s work with the Year of Joy will make a difference by helping to empower people to harness optimism and well-being as driving forces in their lives. And who does not need more of that?”

Steve Schlesinger, CEO, Schlesinger Group, added “We are proud to be an Invitation Partner for the Year of Joy, a cause close to our hearts, along with our industry colleagues. We are also excited to give back to our panelists in appreciation for their support and engage them in a unique and rewarding way.”

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