Gongos Appoints Meaghan Hafner to Vice President, Health Care - Industry News
Gongos Appoints Meaghan Hafner to Vice President, Health Care

Gongos Appoints Meaghan Hafner to Vice President, Health Care

Gongos, the North American arm of InSites Consulting, has announced that Meaghan Hafner has been appointed to Vice President, Health Care for the company. With this appointment, Hafner will bring enhanced and strengthened capabilities in the health care industry for Gongos’ current and future clients.

Hafner has been with Gongos for 8 years, having worked in a variety of client consulting and research roles over her 20-year career. In that time, Hafner has guided and managed high-performing teams focused on serving the company’s health insurance, hospital, and health care industry clients to reach their customer-centric goals. She not only offers credibility and expertise through her years of specialized industry experience, but is dedicated to expanding the company’s reach into emerging and evolving health care sectors including; retail, direct-to-consumer, health technology, medical devices, and wellness—with projected growth of the business unit at 8 to 10%.

“Meaghan’s vision for our future brings great opportunity,” says our Managing Director North America, Camille Nicita. “This appointment only enhances our ability to deliver on our mission to create reciprocal relationships between brands and the people they serve in the health care space.”

Before her time at Gongos, Hafner spent her early career as a market research consultant, project manager, and health care policy analyst. She received her B.A. in Political Science & Communication Studies from the University of Michigan, and her Master of Public Policy from The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan.