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RealityMine Announces Appointments

RealityMine Announces Appointments

UK-based RealityMine has announced three key appointments to support recent client growth and ongoing product development.

The appointments include:

• Craig Parker – Product Manager
• Sarah Davis – Head of Operational Excellence
• Richard Stewart – Delivery Manager

With nearly 10 years of experience with RealityMine, Craig worked in operational roles prior to his appointment as Product Manager. Through his tenure, he has been focused on the panellist experience, specifically improving onboarding and retention rates, and he will now bring focus to RealityMine’s data products to further develop and improve client deliverables.

After seven years with RealityMine, Sarah has taken on the role of Head of Operational Excellence. Previously, Sarah led some of RealityMine’s biggest client projects and worked holistically across all clients to bring panel health data and best practice guidance into business as usual operations. In her new role, Sarah will be heading up the team who manages customer technical releases, cross functional process improvement and strategic program management, all with the aim of achieving operational excellence within RealityMine through standardised processes and communications, continuous improvement and strategic vision for delivery. Richard Stewart joins Sarah as part of the new ‘Operational Excellence’ team in the role of Delivery Manager.

Richard brings six years of RealityMine project and program management experience to his new role, which involves adoption management, benefits tracking of strategic and cross functional change, and managing the seamless transition of changes for RealityMine customers. “The internal appointments we have made at RealityMine emphasize our continued commitment to improvement and growth. These changes will enable us to develop new market leading products and drive enhancements to the level of service we provide our customers. That we can fill these vacancies through our existing talent pool is a sign of the commitment we have to creating careers and development paths for our people,” said Chris Shaw, Chief Operating Officer.