Market Research Institute International Announces Diversity Award

As a volunteer-driven nonprofit institute dedicated to educating market researchers and insights professionals, MRII believes in providing equal access to its educational opportunities. Moreover, MRII also supports efforts to combat racism, discrimination, inequality, and injustice. Consistent with these beliefs, MRII created an award program for US-based individuals from under-represented who want to enhance their market research and insights skillsets. The award covers the cost of a Principles Express course administered through the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education.


The MRII Diversity Award will be presented twice a year to eligible applicants who demonstrate the greatest promise in expanding their knowledge and skillset and the potential for career growth. Applications to the MRII Diversity Award must be made through before the October 31, 2022, deadline.

Recipients of the award may enroll in any one of the following courses:

  • Introduction to Market Research and the Research Process
  • Market Research Design and Data Identification
  • Sampling in Market Research
  • Qualitative Market Research
  • Quantitative Data Collection Methods
  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Advanced Analytic Techniques
  • Working with Secondary Data: Syndicated and Big Data
  • Communicating Research Results
  • Global Market Research
  • Emerging Methods and Future of Market Research
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Market Research

To learn more about the Principles Express family of courses and determine the right fit for you, please visit

The MRII is making an annual commitment to fund these awards and is looking for sponsors to fund additional recipients. Please contact Stephen Kraus ( if you are interested in sponsoring these awards.