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Touchstone Research Creates Dedicated Quality Control Team

As part of its continued effort to maintain data integrity and quality, Touchstone Research has created a dedicated Quality Control team. The QC team meets on a regular basis to audit current data-quality systems and test new tools and processes for improving data quality. The overall objective of the QC team is to ensure TSR's suite of automated and manual checks are cutting edge and regularly updated to keep up with the ever-evolving threat of bots and scammers in research data. 

“Touchstone has set the standard for data quality in the market research industry--we take pride in our data quality initiatives and are excited for what our QC team will accomplish in this vital aspect of digital research,” commented Travis Santa, VP & Security Officer.

Touchstone Research has been in the online research space for more than 30 years. Over the course of that experience, it has identified a winning strategy for dealing with the ever-present threat of bots, scammers, and inattentive respondents in online research studies. TSR has tested dozens of different strategies and tools to find which are the most effective, while still providing a user-friendly experience to survey respondents. Unfortunately, there is no one silver bullet answer to this issue, and it boils down to layering in a multitude of different checks, validations, and controls to maximize the effectiveness of detecting and cleaning bad data from our research projects. TSR leverages both automated and manual checks, which allows them to cast a wide net and improves detection of bad data. With a multi-layered approach, clients have peace of mind that the data they are relying on to make their most important decisions is accurate and valid.