Schlesinger Group Opens Hospital Simulation Center in Chicago

Healthcare industry professionals can now test and substantiate medical products and experiences with their intended users in Schlesinger Clinical Research’s new high-fidelity Hospital Simulation Center in Chicago.

The Chicago Sim Center replicates a fully equipped hospital room and is flexible enough to simulate operating, inpatient, or general practitioners' rooms. From one-way viewing and breakout rooms to client lounges and high-specification recording (such as Pan Tilt Zoom cameras) and data-capture technology, the all-new Sim Center delivers one of the most comprehensive and effective simulation study experiences in the market.

“This cutting-edge space for clinical and simulated-use testing empowers research teams and product engineers to dive deep into the true experience of using a product in a simulated intended use environment,” said Schlesinger’s Human Factors VP Chris Kim, MD. “We designed it so that insight providers and product manufacturers have a controlled environment to study their product in a realistic space to accurately determine whether it can be considered safe and effective for its intended users.”

Schlesinger Clinical Research, a leading clinical research and human factors data collection provider, delivers data analysis and comprehensive reporting, leveraging in-house research experts to offer consultations and write protocols and discussion guides for executing studies in the facility.

“We have already begun to leverage this space for medical device testing, harnessing our end-to-end solutions to streamline the research and testing process for our clients seeking regulatory and commercial success,” said Kim.