RealityMine Announces Addition of Embedded Browsing Capture to its Reporting Capability

RealityMine has announced the addition of Embedded Browsing to its reporting. Clients can now measure the web browsing that users perform within social media apps.
This new product provides clients with visibility of the levels of engagement that brands' websites achieve within walled garden platforms, where reliable data is hard to access.

“The days of social media apps being a place to simply connect with friends and family are long gone,” said Billy Grant, Head of Product at RealityMine. “Social media platforms are now mature ecosystems with increasingly sophisticated strategies to gain as much time and attention from their audiences as possible. Whether it is optimising publisher content to keep users engaged, or providing brands and retailers with the ability to sell within their platforms, the improvement in user experience means that measuring these interactions is critical in providing a complete view of user behaviour.”

RealityMine’s Embedded Browsing data feed provides clients with a comprehensive, single source view of the web browsing behaviour that opted-in users undertake within social media platforms. Alongside data already captured from traditional web browsers and advertising exposure within social media apps, this feature further extends clients' ability to develop a complete understanding of consumers.