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CIRQ Announces New Auditor Training Program

CIRQ (the Certification Institute for Research Quality), an International Standards Organization (ISO) audit and certification body that is a subsidiary of the Insights Association, has announced a new training program for Quality Managers and other individuals responsible for their company’s ISO audit preparation and management.

The new Internal Auditor Training program enables designated employees within market research firms preparing for their company’s ISO 20252 (market research) and 27001 (information security) audit to learn and refresh their knowledge of a wide array of content and be tested at their convenience via an online Learning Management System. The curriculum is extensive, covering audit timelines, resources, client expectations and requirements, deliverables, scheduling, stakeholder involvement, protocols, etc. Access to the online course (and accompanying resources) is available at a discounted rate to all companies that are certified by CIRQ or seeking certification. 

“Being tapped as the point person for a company’s ISO certification audit is a big responsibility. It’s also a tremendous opportunity,” commented Juliana Wood, Managing Director of CIRQ. “Being the go-to expert on quality management is a feather in your cap and can be a career-boosting assignment. This new, comprehensive training with real-time quizzes is an engaging resource for internal auditors to quickly come up to speed on the ISO audit process. It also provides added comfort leading up to, during, and proceeding an audit. They’ll know what to expect and when and will have the answers to the questions they’ll get from their colleagues.”