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Rival Launches Enhancements to AI Summarizer

Rival Technologies, a pioneer and market leader in conversational research, announced the launch of enhancements to the company’s revolutionary AI Summarizer, grid questions reimagined for mobile devices, and additional reporting capabilities.


The company has enhanced its revolutionary AI Insight Summaries to provide researchers with confidence in AI-driven output. The tool can now analyze exponentially more information faster and run more complex analysis of qualitative data and video open ends. In addition to an evolved algorithm, the system now generates a Confidence and Relevance score and provides access to source verbatims offering greater transparency and interpretability for AI-generated insights.


“Rival’s AI-Summarizer platform aligns well with our needs as we explore AI-assisted research. The inclusion of a Confidence Interval score adds a degree of trust and transparency, which has helped enhance our approach to AI-augmented analysis, reporting, and storytelling,” says James Henderson, Senior Research Director, Urban One Inc.


Traditional grid questions have not changed for decades. They are also cumbersome to design and deploy and do not work effectively on mobile. Optimized for mobile, Rival’s Conversational Grid Questions boosts participant engagement and enhances the quality of data collected by offering clear, visually appealing, and easy-to-navigate grid questions that are deployed in a conversational flow. A streamlined authoring experience also makes it easier and less time-consuming for researchers to design activities.


“Grid questions are foundational to research,” says Jennifer Reid, Co-CEO and Chief Methodologist of the Rival Group, “but they were not designed for the way people think or communicate on mobile. Rival has retained the rigor, while reimagining how Grid questions are deployed on mobile so participants can provide more thoughtful responses” says Jennifer.


Insights are only useful if they are actionable. Enhancements to Rival’s powerful storytelling capabilities have streamlined the end-to-end process of creating reports that focus stakeholders on the data that matters. Insights Reports increases speed and efficiency with automated visualizations, prioritizing visualizations for key profile attributes, sequential arrangement of data visualizations based on the survey structure and automated filters. The platform now provides users with the ability to Export directly to PowerPoint. With the flexibility to edit charts directly in PowerPoint, coupled with the ability to modify data using the Excel, the reporting experience is now more efficient, dynamic and customizable. Secure report sharing users can effortlessly sharing access to reports created on the Rival Platform with a unique URL. This functionality doesn’t require users to create duplicate reports or have stakeholders open and manage multiple documents or log-in to the platform. Password protection offers an additional layer of security when required.