Screen Engine/ASI Receives U.S. Patent for Virtual Screening Room - Industry News

Screen Engine/ASI Receives U.S. Patent for Virtual Screening Room

Screen Engine/ASI, a leading international entertainment research and insights firm, has secured a U.S. Patent for its proprietary ticktBox™ platform which supports a sophisticated full digital rights management system and high-end security tools to ensure the highest-level copyright protection of intellectual property.

Originally designed in 2020 by ticktBox™ founder Andrew Ly and his division’s development team amidst the Covid pandemic, the virtual platform facilitates nationwide or regional high-definition advanced promotional screening campaigns, equipped with industry-leading marketing tools. It also seamlessly integrates with ticktBox’s powerful reservation/ticketing system for all content providers and provides access to the extensive user network on, comprised of millions of active members nationwide. The proprietary ticktBox™ security features are also used for Screen Engine/ASI’s VirtuWorks™ virtual screening room for audience test screenings.

“Security-focused digital technology with the highest level of copyright protection was critical in developing our virtual platform, and we're honored to receive a United States Patent for our innovation,” says Ly. “The virtual screening room is a growing model in our industry and we enjoy working collaboratively with many theatrical and streaming clients offering them a unique interactive, intuitive, and secure online experience to effectively promote their films. Our clients appreciate the extensive security measures, cost and time savings, enhanced IP control, and positive impact on their releases."

Promotional movie previews have long been a vital tool for generating buzz among moviegoers. Screen Engine’s ticktBox™ and Gofobo® platforms are the go-to choice for studios to conduct promotional screenings, targeting influential audience members. Prior to Covid, advance screenings were solely in-person, but today, the company’s marketing screenings are conducted through various methods including in-person events with Gofobo® support, via the ticktBox™ end-to-end virtual streaming platform, or directly by the studio through a ticktBox™ customized white-label online screening room.