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Savanta Expands Monthly Business Tracker to France and Germany

Savanta announced the expansion of its monthly Business Tracker into France and Germany, extending its reach beyond the UK. This move will provide clients with valuable insights into the recovery, resilience, and adaptability of businesses across these key European markets.


The Savanta Business Tracker is designed to help clients make informed business decisions by offering a comprehensive view of changing attitudes within each nation's private sector. The tracker examines key business pressures, from current and future brand health to wider challenges such as economic shifts and sector-specific events.


Each month, the Business Tracker monitors the opinions of 1,000 businesses across France, Germany, and the UK, covering a diverse array of markets and business sizes. The survey includes:

  • 750 small business owners and directors with an employee size ranging from 1-259.
  • 250 decision-makers from mid to large-sized companies employing 250 or more people.

Emma Callaghan, SVP Business at Savanta, comments: “For many clients understanding key business issues in a volatile business environment is a key requirement. Savanta’s Business Tracker monitors changing shifts in sentiment and behaviours amongst businesses. It’s a cost-effective approach enabling businesses to connect to their audiences and understand the impact of the changing economic and political climate with true insights that help and mitigate the impact of any future business pressures.”