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AJ Keirans Announces the Launch of Good Human Partners

AJ Keirans Announces the Launch of Good Human Partners

AJ Keirans, a distinguished veteran in the market research industry with more than two decades of experience, has announced the launch of his new venture, Good Human Partners, a consulting and custom field services company focused on quality and transparency. With an illustrious career spanning roles from IT to Programming, Operations, and Sales, AJ Keirans brings unparalleled cross-focus experience to the business. His journey started at the legendary Survey Sampling International in 2000 and has seen him impact the business, culture, and revenue of organizations and individuals across the space, including the iconic Critical Mix and DISQO.

"I am excited to introduce Good Human Partners to the world," AJ Keirans said. "Given my career path and journey, I have a unique perspective in the space that has helped shape me for the better. It’s a story built on a career of operational excellence, creativity in problem-solving, and industry leadership.


Our mission is to design custom fielding solutions that are specifically tailored to the client and their needs.  Throughout my career I have worked with and learned from some of the best in the business, and I will continue to align with these types of people to benefit my clients, the business and their research.”

AJ Keirans is renowned for his operational focus, creative thinking, and industry leadership. He is former President of the Greater New York Chapter and Central Atlantic Chapters of the Insight Association. Under his leadership, Greater New York won Chapter of the Year in 2021 for its focus on DEI, Mental Wellness and the launching of the first Chapter podcast, ‘I Heart GNY’, which was nominated for Industry Podcast of the Year. He is currently involved in an advisory role, as well as working on the DII Task Force on Data Quality launched by IA in 2022. He sits on the Advisory Council for the Seton Hall University Market Research Center as well as an active board member on two non-profits, Beer Kulture and Change in the Air Foundation, which are focused on creating opportunities and access to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the Craft Beer space and beyond.


Good Human Partners specializes in providing consulting and custom field services with the goal of making clients’ lives easier and being a true partner, not just a transaction. The company's ethos centers around embracing every facet of its journey and delivering success through unwavering commitment to learning and growth. Good Human Partners seeks out the best solutions for clients, ensuring exceptional research outcomes and cultivating trust, one partnership at a time. "At Good Human Partners, our goal is simple: do good work with good people," emphasized Keirans.