X Event - June 2-3, Atlanta

Much is happening at the intersection of UX, CX & Insights but there's not always enough understanding, coordination, or communication amongst the departments, practitioners or leadership to ensure a customer-centered mindset is driving key business decisions and organizational growth.

What's the remedy? “X” marks the spot.

This forum brings UX, CX & Insights together with content and conversations to foster development of a unified voice of the customer. 

Featuring experts rooted in each discipline, sessions will help you and your teams:

  • Appreciate the various processes, roles, skill sets, and stakeholders at play
  • Break down silos that isolate you from opportunity and success
  • Identify and rally organizational champions of your capabilities
  • Recognize and utilize commonalities between departments
  • Simplify messages that decision makers can embrace and carry forth
  • Harmonize the customers’ voice to influence action

Through gaps in understanding and communication slip opportunity. The opportunity to truly be customer-centric and not only share but activate on essential insights across your organization.

Elevate your value and the value of your practice by joining with fellow CX, UX, and Insights professionals at X!

Join insights executives and practitioners seeking to better understand the processes and challenges of CX UX, HX & EX and better connect with colleagues in adjacent roles

Connect with consumer insights leaders challenged to bring harmony to the process and arrive at a single voice of the customer.

Why you need to attend!

Better understand the processes and challenges of CX & UX; bond with colleagues in adjacent roles.

Achieve wholistic understanding of the CX / UX /consumer insights / data analytics process.

Satisfy your curiousity cravings as you learn new ways to contribute and add value in the spheres of Insights, CX & UX.

Build organizational cohesion as you bring harmony to the process and arrive at a single voice of the customer.


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