Integrating AI Into the Insights Workflow - A Webinar Series

About the Series: Developed and presented by experts in the field, this series of interactive webinars will objectively explain and demonstrate how generative AI can be most effectively deployed in all stages of the research process. Throughout, members of IA's IDEA Council will provide tips, tools, and guidance to help minimize and mitigate bias.

Ample time will be devoted to audience Q&A.

Live sessions: 1 - 2:15 p.m. ET / March 21 session: Noon - 1:15 p.m. ET
Sessions will be recorded and made available to all registrants.

Company / Department Members: $395 | Individual Members: $495
Non-Members: $695

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March 14 - Study Preparation

From conceptualizing studies to drafting questions and creating conjoint analyses, AI can provide a no-sweat kickstart to your project. We’ll share tools and tips to fill your blank slate or improve existing surveys

- Presenters: Sumair Sayani, QuestionPro & Tchicaya e.r. Brooks, TRIBE Insights

March 15 - Data Collection

We’ll dive into the various ways AI can assist in this critical stage of the market research process, including chatbots for qual and synthetic data – modeled after other data, and used in place of, or to scale, primary data collection. Learn to optimize time and cost benefits, focus on places where it can best be leveraged, and avoid use in studies where the risk outweighs the reward.
- Presenters: Phil Sutcliffe, Nexxt | inca; Damion Taylor, Prometheus Studio; Bianca Pryor, BET; Rich Calabrese, SVP, Insights & Strategy, Vault AI

March 19 - Analysis & Reporting

AI-powered time and cost savings have been widely touted in the handling of open-end analysis, generating report text and supporting graphs and charts. Potential benefits are substantial for both qual & quant work, but so are the risks for misuse and errors. We’ll provide best practices and tips to guide you.
- Presenters: Kristi Zuhlke; Kristi Zuhlke Consulting & Ellen Kolstø, IBM

March 21 - Guidelines & Best Practices

We'll discuss guidelines for the use of AI in the insights process, hear from IA's SVP of Advocacy & IA's General Counsel about the prospects of regulation and legal exposure for insights agencies. Learn about ISO's new AI standard. We will highlight areas of potential bias and provide assistance to mitigate it.
- Presenters: Melanie Courtright & Howard Fienberg, IA; Stuart Pardau, Esq. IA’s General Counsel; Juliana Wood, Managing Director, Certification Institute for Research Quality (CIRQ)

Ideal for: Market researchers with limited or no experience deploying AI tools; and researchers with some experience who seek additional places to utilize the technology and confirm best practices. This series will increase your confidence in using the technology and help you explain its use and benefits to others in your organization and address their concerns.

BONUS: 30-minute pre-recorded intro session gets beginners up to speed with the basics. To be provided to all registrants one week before the series starts.

Access to Slack channel for interaction with presenters, hosts, and fellow attendees; additional resources.