Converge - December 6
Virtual | December 6


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This rapidly changing world needs current, holistic insights more than ever. Market research, data science and analytics teams must come together to uncover, communicate and implement these insights. That happens at CONVERGE – a forum developed to advance teams and companies from being data-driven to insight-driven.


CONVERGE is a forum for those working in the confluence of primary business intelligence data, behavioral and third-party data sets to meet and learn from one another. If you work in digital analytics, data science, consumer insights, and market research, it's an excellent opportunity to expand your network and knowledge. 

Hop In The Driver's Seat – as we navigate data analytics and integration management issues, including talent development, outsourcing, data privacy and inter-department coordination with experienced leaders.

Go Under the Hood – with researchers and data analysts as they detail the inner workings of successful projects that combine survey, CX, and behavioral data with emerging data sets.

Using AI to Identify Unarticulated Needs

Razi Imam
113 Industries

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Harnessing Insights: Evolving with Viewer Behaviors

Nicole Sangari

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Data acquisition and preparation in underserved markets – Africa

Obinna Anusiem

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Why Attend

Content and connections you can't get elsewhere...

  • Hear from market researchers and data analysts from leading brands as they detail the inner workings of successful projects that combine disparate and emerging data streams.
  • Learn how brands are using various data inputs to engage with consumers precisely when they are most receptive
  • Develop your command of alternative data sources to supplement traditional forms of feedback
  • Understand what it takes to build a robust, end-to-end, cloud-based, client-accessible analytics platform – the pitfalls to avoid, the best solutions for your needs and budget 
  • CONVERGE fulfills a crucial need for those working in the confluence of data analytics, consumer insights, and market research to expand their network and knowledge.

Who Attends

A Collision of Ideas at the Intersection of
MR & Data Analytics

Executives and practitioners working in:

  • Consumer insights
  • Data analytics
  • Data science

    Attend this forum to meet and learn from each other. Previous events have drawn leaders from research agencies and brand-side insights departments, as well as those analyzing data for consulting firms and corporations large and small.