CRC - September 17-19 - New York
New York City | September 17-19, 2024

Corporate Researchers Conference

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The Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) was developed just for you: client-side insights leaders and practitioners committed to advancing the profession.

The complexity and pace of societal shifts and technical advancements have made it more difficult to understand consumers and have raised the bar on the skills required to excel in our profession. The frenetic world of business, tech, and insights only complicate the tasks at hand. But we can gain control. The knowledge, tools, and strategies exist. At this event, they will all be on display.

CRC 2024 - Ne York

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from and alongside innovative researchers and insights visionaries about their groundbreaking work and strategies to manage change and innovation.

Topics will include:
Connecting With Today’s Changing Consumer
  • Managing the Attention Economy
  • Inclusive research practices
  • Use of media and omnichannel messaging to better connect with consumers
  • Improving the customer journey & amplifying the customers’ voice to influence action 
  • Hard-to-reach cohorts (high net worth, luxury, etc.)
  • Multicultural research
  • Finding and working with various generations (Gen Z, seniors, etc.)
Tech-Fueled Evolution & Revolution
  • Generative AI: Practical applications & tangible results
  • Next-gen passive data collection
  • Data analytics and integration 
  • Synthetic Sample/Data
  • Data visualization 
  • Assessing the effectiveness and quality of AI applications
Achieving Tangible Business Impact
  • Integrated storytelling: Offering solutions, not just insights
  • Doing more with the data you already have
  • Deploying foresight to future-proof your company 
  • Measuring and communicating the ROI of Insights
Innovative Behavioral & Cultural Techniques 
  • Pragmatic use of Semiotics to glean actionable insights
  • Becoming more fluent with behavioral research
  • Bridging consumers’ Say - Do gaps
  • Successful applications of Behavioral Economics 
  • Understanding societal shifts and cultural nuances 
Developing Future Stars 
  • Team building
  • Optimizing client - agency partnerships
  • Soft Skills (influence, empathy, persuasion, negotiation)
  • Hard Skills to advance into higher leadership (finance, etc.)
  • Coordinating insights, analytics, CX, and other departments/roles to empower organizational decision-making and action




Food & Drink

Included with your registration: Meals & Receptions + After Parties to expand your circle and catch up with MRX friends.

An Expo Hall

Teeming with fresh solutions, interactivity & fun.

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Why Attend

Why Attend

Content and Connections You Can't Get Elsewhere...

  • Brands, Brands, Brands! Hear first-hand from dozens of corporate researchers presenting revealing case studies that detail their winning strategies and methodologies
  • An Event Hallmark: Candid conversations with your corporate insights peers in a private roundtable session
  • Groundbreaking Research – Including new IDEA Council findings and best practices to ensure your research is truly accessible to all 
  • Guidance to boost trust in MR, and improve sample quality
  • Learn how to showcase the Business Impact of Insights, quantify ROI, and garner more resources for your team

Who Attends

Developed by Corporate Researchers for Corporate Researchers

CRC draws leaders and research practitioners from brands large and small across all industry verticals, as well as non-profits. Executives from market research and data analytics agencies better understand the needs of their clients by attending CRC – hearing their challenges and priorities firsthand. No matter your role in the insights industry, CRC is the place to learn from and connect with innovators and decision-makers.

Who Attends

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